Forum Question List

Q1:What is the most important issue facing the city?

Q2:What does the following mean to you: “The policy requires that type, amount, and location of development be correlated with the provision of adequate supporting infrastructure and services.” (city description of general plan framework policy 3.3.2)

Q3:How would you define “adequate” with regard to first responders?

Q4:Do you support or oppose Measure S?

Q5:You have mentioned transparency and developer money relative to Paul.  Do you think he is corrupt?

Q6:When would you support a variance?

Q7:With regard to fire response times, what is minimally acceptable performance before you would oppose development?

Q8:Is there a point at which you will say to a developer: “You can’t build until response times are acceptable”?

Q9:Westwood specific plan discussion

Q10:How will you deal with influence of Westwood commercial property owners?

Q11:Creed press conference at Wilshire/Westwood, HPOZ.

Q12:Do you support or oppose changing height limits on Westwood Blvd?

Q13:Do you support or oppose high-end restaurants in Westwood Blvd.

Q14:Do you support affordable housing in exchange for concessions?

Q15:What percentage of affordable housing in a project justifies increased traffic and degraded response times for area residents?

Q16:How do you reconcile increased density for affordable housing and your stated goal of traffic reduction?

Q17:Rapid fire biking questions.

Q18:Does Transit Oriented Development increase or reduce net traffic?  Discussion on the Casden project.

Q19:Does high density around mass transit make mass transit more or less accessible to the wider community?

Q20:Should the city use LOS, VMT or both in reviewing project impacts?  (Level of Service, Vehicle Miles Traveled)

Q21:Mitigating traffic in Century City.  Fox project.

Q22:Personal Rapid Transit discussion, Herd answer to Q21.

Q23:Westwood retirement home project at 10822 Wilshire.

Q24:Do you support or oppose giving CUPs to structures in R1 neighborhoods so that building can be used for religious purposes and why?

Q25:Do you support or oppose halting all new development in Encino on Ventura Blvd and its feeder streets?

Q26:Discussion on AIRBnB.

Q27:What three things will you do to stop mansionization?

Q28:Under what circumstances would you use a “245?”

Q29:Who should decide where homeless shelter housing should be placed?

Q30:What will you do to make sure homeless aid does not become a magnet?

Q31:Discussion on infrastructure backlog and how to pay for it.

Q32:What is the single largest threat to the city budget?

Q33:When will wage growth and job growth become mutually exclusive?

Q34:Does LADWP power transfer violate prop 26?

Q35:If the power transfer disappears, how do you make up the difference in the city budget?

Q36:Does increased parking charges encourage use of mass transit, decrease traffic?

Q37:Now some questions on ethics, lobby reform and campaigning. What changes would you propose to rules governing lobbyists that would improve transparency and restore trust in City Hall?

Q38:Lobbying rapid-fire questions

Q39:City Ethics Commission questions.

Q40:What do you believe are the two most significant public safety issues in the hillsides and as councilperson, what will you do to resolve these problems?

Q41:What is your position on the Mayor’s plan to change Police Review Boards to all Civilian participants?

Q42:How will you increase two-way communication between yourself and your constituents, especially to keep your finger on the pulse of the District?

Q43:Discussion with each candidate on contributions received.

Q44:Are you aware of any Independent Expenditures that will be made on your behalf?

Q45:Follow up on Creed promise re IEs.

Q46:Discussion on management experience, have you ever managed over 20 employees?

Q47:If a long-term employee becomes ineffective, what will you do?

Q48:What are your two major strengths and weaknesses?

Q49:What can be done about residential streets becoming freeways/cut-through?

Q50:How do we speed up city services?

Q51:Should bond money be used for purposes other than the stated use?

Q52:Discussion on the raiding of the Special Parking Revenue Fund?

Q53:Discussion on one-way streets.

Q54:How do we get more firefighters working?

Q55:How do you feel about changing stakeholder requirements so that only residents can vote/run?

Q56:What would you do to change the culture at city hall?

Q57:How have you (will you) address(ed) the city infrastructure problem?

Q58:How does measure S fix the (development) problem?

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