CD5 Coalition Hit Piece Analysis #8: Koretz Mud Piece




The Koretz piece states that “Creed is a downtown lawyer.”

Creed worked for Munger, Tolles & Olsen. Offices are in downtown LA.

Creed’s bio on his campaign website uses present tense when describing Creed’s activities at Munger (“An attorney with a successful public interest practice”) and cites work performed while working at Munger.

In the literal sense, Creed is a “downtown lawyer.”

*The Creed campaign notes that he has not worked there since September in favor of becoming a full-time candidate.

The Koretz piece states that “Creed works to help billionaires and big corporations avoid taxes.”

Creed’s bio included the following entry: “Berkshire Hathaway Inc in the company’s tax-free exchange of shares in Phillips 66 for ownership of Phillips Specialty Products, Inc. and its tax-free exchange of shares in the Proctor & Gamble Company for ownership of Duracell.”

*Bio provided by the Koretz campaign at the request of the CD5 Coalition

The campaign piece correctly states this portion of Creed’s work history.

The Koretz piece states that “Creed doesn’t have a history of leadership in our community.”

The Creed campaign believes Creed’s work on VA land, MOCA, Equitas and others qualify as leadership.

The Koretz campaign states that they define leadership “in our community” as a leadership position in the city or a neighborhood council/HOA organization in CD5.

The use of two broad terms makes this difficult to classify.

  • “Leadership” is defined as “a person who guides or directs a group.”  Being a board member of an entity would seem to qualify.
  • “In our community” could be defined as Los Angeles, West Los Angeles or CD5.

This statement is inaccurate given the broad terms used.  Creed has had leadership positions in groups in the L.A. and West L.A. communities(CVEB).  He has not had a leadership position in the city, HOA or NC in the CD5 area, but the mail piece did not restrict itself to that universe of leadership.

The Koretz campaign should have been far more precise.

The Koretz piece states that “Creed recently moved here.”

The term “recently” is broad.

Per Creed: “I grew up here (middle and high school), returned here for virtually every summer job in college and law school, and moved back to LA permanently 3 years ago.”

Per Koretz: “2013 is recently when it comes to understanding the complexities of CD5, the HOAs, the NCs and the issues facing each neighborhood.”


The Koretz piece states that “Creed never voted in a city election.”

Per Creed: “I became naturalized in 2011 and returned to LA in September 2013.”

There was an election on March 3, 2015. The Koretz campaign has provided a certified copy of Creed’s voting record from the registrar recorder showing no vote in that election.

True. Based on the evidence provided, Creed did not vote in the one election when he was living in Los Angeles and was eligible to vote.

Analysis of Affirmative Statements

Affirmative statements are normally not evaluated by the CD5 Coalition. These are included as they were presented in an ad that included negative statements about an opponent.




Statement: “Koretz co-authored the motion to ban campaign contributions from developers…”

Per CF17-0042, Koretz co-presented the motion with six other councilmembers. He also co-seconded the motion.

The accuracy of the statement cannot be determined because authorship cannot be determined. The ban was proposed on January 10, 2017 and Koretz was a “co-presenter.”

Statement: “Koretz authored the BMO (Baseline Mansionization Ordinance) law.”

The original BMO was drafted prior to Koretz being on the council. The operative council file relating to the proposed BMO is CF14-0656. It was moved by Koretz. (

Koretz statement is true, provided the reference is to the proposed BMO but not for the existing BMO law. It would have been more accurate to say “proposed law.”

Statement: “Koretz has taken one foreign trip in his entire career.”

According to the Koretz campaign, the statement is made in response to the assertion by Creed: “Paul Koretz has taken more than $21,000 in gifts from special interests, including foreign travel.”

Koretz statement is true, unless one classifies the Jewish Federation as a lobbyist or special interest.

Statement: “Paul Koretz has taken no money from city lobbyists.”

The Koretz statement is made in response to this Creed claim that Koretz has received money from lobbyists in this election cycle.

Koretz statement is true. No contributions from registered lobbyists were fOund, nor are they allowed under city law.

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