CD5 Coalition Hit Piece Analyses #1-#3: Creed Developer Puppet Piece




The Creed mail piece states(about Koretz)

The Creed piece cites CF 13-0804 which dealt with Stone Canyon.

The mail piece cites the “abuse of power” article, even though that had to do with an entirely different issue – 1102 Stearns Drive.

In the Stone Canyon case, the court ruled that the council had considered information that was not before the ZA.  A copy of the actual order is not easily found, though there is this quote from the Bel Air HOA.

“On Friday, January 23, Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell ruled that the Los Angeles City Council relied on improper evidence to grant a 50-foot height variance for a 27,000 square foot house at 360 N. Stone Canyon Road in Bel Air. 

 In her decision Judge O’Donnell said that the findings adopted by the City Council were based upon a declaration submitted by developer M & A Gabaee’s engineer, rather than actual evidence before the Zoning Administrator, which is the only evidence that can be considered by the Council. “

Based on the data, it appears that Creed improperly conflated the different two cases.

The Creed mail piece states(about Koretz)

Creed’s Facebook page presents the pledge as a conditional challenge – if other candidates accept.

*Creed’s campaign has stated that he “unilaterally” made the pledge only on the above items a month after the conditional challenge, while retaining the conditional aspect of another part of the pledge.

Creed confirmed the conditional nature of the pledge as part of his answer to Question 45 at a CD5 HOA debate.  (see, Q45).

He asserted that he was not bound by the pledge as his challengers did not accept.

*Creed’s campaign has told the CD5 coalition that Creed’s explanation of the conditional nature of the pledge (at the forum) only referred only to the part of the pledge relating to independent expenditure committees. 

Based on the data, it appears that Creed’s pledge has changed over time from a conditional pledge on several topics to a unilateral pledge on some of those topics while maintaining a conditional pledge on others.  We find the evolving nature of the pledge to be confusing at best.

The Creed mail piece states(about Koretz)

The vast majority of entries were for below $100.  The single largest entry, and the only one for travel, was from the Jewish Federation – in 2013.

Reviewed Form 700s

Based on the data, it appears that Creed grouped non-special-interest funds into “gifts from special interests” unless Creed believes the Jewish Federation qualifies as a “Special Interest” contributor.  No other travel was found.

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