CD5 Coalition Response To Jesse Creed Attack On The CD5 Coalition

February 11, 2017 Candidate Forum

Jesse Creed made a false statement and attacked the CD5 Coalition at a Candidates Forum on 2/11/17.  The exchange was as follows:

Koretz: “There is a very unbiased, non-partisan group that was created mostly to hold the feet of the councilmember to the fire.  They almost recalled Jack Weiss.  They constantly go after me.  They have a website to debunk hit pieces on all sides but so far they have only come from Mr. Creed.  Go to the website…”

Creed, interrupting:  “Yeah, bought and paid for by Paul Koretz”

The moderator then took the next question…

The CD5 Coalition finds Mr. Creed’s comment unfortunate (and false).  Hit piece analysis on the CD5HOAS.Org site is accompanied by citations to publicly available documents and information.

The CD5 Coalition is evaluating hit pieces based on the pledge that all candidates made, namely to: “Provide the Coalition Election Committee with evidence/back‐up material within 24 hours when accusations against another candidate are stated.”

Note that statements the candidates make about any topic other than those about another candidate are not being reviewed.

Mr. Creed has never attended a Coalition meeting where the Councilmember  was the only guest and Coalition members discuss issues of concern during a two-hour meeting.  Mr. Creed apparently knows very little about the Coalition and how hard we have worked for the past 13 years to preserve and protect neighborhoods.   We will continue to support straightforward truth in all aspects of a political campaign.

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