Beverlywood/California Country Club/Cheviot Hills Forum

The Coalition of Homeowner Associations – CD5 is pleased to host video from the recent candidate forum/debate held on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Video may take a few seconds to load.

Questions are listed below the video area.

Question List

  • Pre-Event
  • Intro, camera adjustments
  • Opening Statements
  • What is the one issue the City faces that requires immediate attention?
  • Other than the top issue, what are your other top four goals for CD5?
  • What are your two major strengths/weaknesses?
  • What is unique about you?
  • What are your suggestions to bring back basic services given budget constraints?
  • Same question by moderator, asking for solutions not problems.
  • How can we get the city to start fixing sidewalks?
  • Discussion on traffic in Beverlywood, Cheviot.
  • Discussion on cut-through traffic, Waze, Safety.
  • Y/N: Eliminate bike lanes on busy streets?
  • Do you support more bike lanes in CD5?
  • Robertson is the border between CD5 and CD10.  How will you work with CD10?
  • Did you support Measure M?
  • Discussion on the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, devaluation of property values (if caps are too restrictive)
  • What criteria will you use before allowing new commercial near residential zone?
  • Discussion on Century City Trip Caps/Fox.
  • Discussion on Measure S.
  • Why haven’t community plans been updated?
  • Discussion on sober living homes.
  • Discussion on the problems associated with filming in neighborhoods.
  • Discussion on gun control.
  • What critical public safety initiatives would you like to accomplish in the next term?
  • What is adequate for first responders?
  • Discussion on homelessness.
  • Do you support Measure H (Homeless services tax)?
  • Discussion on jobs for veterans.
  • Who should decide where housing for homeless should go?
  • What is the city’s role in public schools?
  • Discussionn on clean energy, DWP off of fossil fuels, climate change.
  • What is your plan for unfunded pension liability?
  • Discussion on the city budget advocate.
  • What if the federal government cuts off LA?
  • Discussion on the tax for senior programs. Westwood Horizons.
  • Discussion on senior housing in LA.
  • Discussion on what happened with the Westwood HPOZ.
  • Closing statements
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