CD5 Coalition Hit Piece Analysis #5: Council hopeful likens Koretz to Christie: No LA ‘Bridgegate’

Creed’s campaign states:

“A candidate for the Los Angeles City Council claims a free parking program was cancelled near his campaign headquarters by Councilman Paul Koretz as a politically motivated act of retaliation.”


“…attorney Jesse Creed, who is challenging Koretz, said that after his campaign headquarters moved on the block on Jan. 3, the free parking program was allowed to expire without explanation.”

The motion made by CM Koretz to provide for a “holiday reprieve” from parking charges at Lot 703 was dated December 9, 2016 and approved December 13, 2016.  The motion also called for study of permanent free parking for the first two hours.  See:

At the request of the council office DOT was asked for a one-time extension of the 2 hour free parking until January 15, 2017.


The claim by the Creed campaign is contradicted by the record. The motion for the holiday reprieve was put in, with a termination date, before Creed opened an office on Robertson.

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