Negative Campaign Piece Analysis

CD5 Coalition Debate/2017

Countdown to March 7, 2017 Primary Election


What We Review

  • The CD5 Coalition fact-checks only negative/attack ads when the attacked side requests a fact-check. It does so based on the pledge all candidates took regarding negative ads.
  • The CD5 Coalition does not evaluate affirmative statements made by candidates or others. Affirmative statements may be reviewed only when those statements appear in a negative piece and are meant to draw a contrast to the negative statements about the opposing candidate(s).
  • Other data is posted when we feel that data is of interest to coalition members, often because questions have been raised about a topic or the coalition.

How/When We Review

The review process concerning attack piece analysis is generally:

  • A campaign requests review of an attack piece.
  • We review the claims made in the piece.
  • We ask the campaign that made the claims to provide backup for their claim per the CD5 pledge.
  • We do independent research on the provided backup and on the issue, reaching out to the campaigns if needed.
  • When possible we seek independent confirmation of backup. False backup provided by a campaign would be dealt with harshly.
  • Where possible and when time permits, images are added to provide visual proof of a fact/claim/assertion.
  • One coalition representative performs the research and writes an analysis.  It is then reviewed by one or more other people prior to posting.
  • Edits are made if errors or omissions are discovered.

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